Ask a Stoner: Does THC From CBD Oil Build Up in My System?

Dear Stoner: Can the small amount of THC in my CBD oil build up in my body if I use a lot?

Dear Toons: There are reports of CBD users failing drug tests for work or, even worse, for probation and parole. Most of these people say they’re using CBD-only products that are derived from hemp, which are supposed to contain no more than 0.3 percent THC — nowhere near enough to trip a drug test…or so we thought.

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Although it's not supposed to pass 0.3 percent, THC is present in most CBD oil.

Although it’s not supposed to pass 0.3 percent, THC is present in most CBD oil.

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Although rare and the result of misinformation in some cases (people take high-CBD, low-THC products without knowing just how much THC is in them, and some hemp-CBD products aren’t honest about how much THC they carry), false positives have occurred. As you can imagine, research about this is highly limited, but there are two popular theories right now. One is that these people are using high amounts of CBD frequently, and the THC builds up in their fat cells, tripping the drug test. Another thought is that some of us unfortunate souls have bodies that metabolize CBD into THC. Both need more study before we ride with either.

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