Sydney CBD Sports Podiatrist New Toe Nail Bracing Treatment for Ingrown Toenails

( — February 10, 2019) — If you’ve ever suffered from ingrown toenails, you know just how painful and uncomfortable a condition that can be. Ingrown toenails can occur at any age, due to everyday movement or lifestyle habits. Some of the primary causes include:

Impropertrimming- cutting the nails too short can cause ingrown toenails. It’s important to clean your feet before trimming, and then cut the nail straight across using nail clippers or manicure scissors.

Tight-fitting footwear – shoes, socks and tights affect the condition of your condition. If your feet hurt when wearing shoes, something’s not right – your shoes are too tight.

Trauma- Athletes are more likely to get ingrown toenails from repeated pressure on the toes such as by kicking or running.

Pressure from abutting toes – this can be caused by deformities of the smaller toes.

Pincer nails- an extreme curve in the nail can cause the nail to dig deeper into the skin. Pincer nails are more common as people age.

A Gentle Alternative to Surgery

While the traditional treatment for nail bracing has been surgery, Nail bracing is a revolutionary new treatment that is:

Simple – the brace is simply bonded across the surface of the nail, and does not need to be pre-stressed or shaped

Quick- applied in seconds and delivers a speedy healing process

Painless- the treated nail is gently lifted out of the nail fold.

Mark Lin and partner Wei Lee of Footwork Podiatry are known as the leading authorities in the provision of this treatment in Australia. “Ingrown toenails are very common and anyone from kids to the elderly can suffer from them. Tight footwear, lifestyle habits or biomechanical factors such as flat feet and foot pronation can all cause ingrown toenails. However, some people are just genetically more predisposed to having ingrown toenails” say Lin.

“Nail bracing is a unique ingrown toenail solution using a toenail brace that corrects unnatural toenail curvature – the source of ingrown toenail pain. With this method, the treated nail is gently lifted out of the nail fold over time without pain.”

While surgery has a high success rate of curing ingrown toenails permanently, nail bracing provides the perfective alternative for people with needle phobia. It also shortens the healing time and reduces the risk of infection (particularly in people with in diabetes).

The BS Brace System has been used successfully worldwide in over 30 countries for 29 years. It was first launched in Australia in 2015 and is now available at Footwork Podiatry. As part of our commitment to stay at the forefront of lower limb treatment, Footwork Podiatry are the first and only trained providers in Northern Sydney to offer this revolutionary treatment.

How Nail Bracing Works

Using highly advanced technology, the BS Brace truly is a game changer. The treatment involves mounting a flat fiberglass brace to the ingrown toenail. The brace creates a spring tension that gently lifts and holds the toenail out of the nail bed, straightening the nail and the nail bed in the process.

The basic principle is based on the same physical laws as that of a leaf spring, using pressure and counter pressure. The brace fits the shape of the nail automatically and the resulting resetting forces shape and flatten the nail.

“Our nail brace is absolutely safe and suitable for everyone, even those who have diabetes. Our mission is to provide alternative treatment to people currently suffering from ingrown toenails as well as the millions who are susceptible to developing the condition” says Lin.

Footwork Podiatry are situated in Roseville on Sydney’s North Shore and Sydney CBD. (Ingrown toenail nail bracing only available in Roseville). Contact them to receive the best treatment advice for your ingrown toenail. Passionate about helping people to improve and maintain their health, Footwork Podiatry believe that looking after the feet is the key to maintaining an active healthy lifestyle.

For further information, visit the Sports and Podiatrist Clinic to book online, or call Mark Lin or Wei Lee and their friendly team on +61 2 9416 7889.

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